Arts in Education - CoSer 404

By joining cooperatively, schools are able to provide cultural and educational programs for students. An Arts in Education coordinator is available to work with districts, artists, and arts organizations to provide quality programs for students.

A directory of artists and arts opportunities is provided to all districts participating in this service. The directory is available both on-line and hard copy. A listserv is maintained by the coordinator in order to promote continuous sharing of information and coordination of services. The service also provides access to the AIE resource library and artist files.

Arts in Education is designed to help districts integrate the arts and related cultural programs into the core curriculum. Membership in this service includes district participation on a Service Advisory Committee.

Our goal is to provide age-appropriate programs affected by the arts, which supplement, complement, enhance, illustrate, and explain aspects of the general curriculum click on a topic to find out more:

Arts in Education Directory

Ticket Request Form: For performing arts events, museum visits, and educational enrichment programs requiring a ticket.

Performance Request Form: For visiting performers, authors or workshops.

Please note, each form is double-sided and both sides must be completed before form will be processed. Please submit forms a BARE MINIMUM of 30 days prior to the performance.

"...The arts do matter - not only as worthwhile experiences in their own right... but also as instruments of cognitive growth and development and as agents of motivation for school success"
- Catterall, Chapleau & Iwanga (Imagination Project, UCLA)

Susanne Ford-Croghan, Arts In Education Coordinator
Instructional Services Center - CVES BOCES
14 Area Development Drive, Suite 100
Plattsburgh, NY 12901